Jan 9th 2017 • UX & App Development

UX Case Study: Added Value of Social

Talent in, Talent out (TiTo) App_apps

Building trust

User reviews

We’re all too familiar with those ubiquitous 5-star rating systems. Are 5 stars enough? Does 1-star really mean it’s that terrible? How can I tell if a strangers review is not just spam or out of line? One angry experience shouldn’t spoil it for everyone…or should it?

This will soon say a lot abut you in the future — Black Mirror anybody?

How can we make this a better experience for our users? If a user has to question the reliability of a part of your app — that rings alarm bells for your apps user experience. Nobody wants users who question their apps reliability, that spells bad marketing — fewer users for you — and you definitely don’t want that.

One of the cornerstones of TiTo is being able to check out your friend’s review of a TiTo profile or having the option to message those friends who may have an [outside of TiTo] connection with that particular profile. What that does is give our users a contextual understanding of the trustworthiness of a TiTo profile, boosting it’s merits:

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If my best friends have used and left a review on this profile then I can use them too!