May 25th 2019 • Web Design & Development

Redesigning My Interrail for £650k+ increase in conversions year on year

National Rail Enquires (NRE)_websites

My Role:

I was the lead designer on the project, responsible for redesigning the whole website to be responsive and modern.

I worked with a development agency to bring my ideas to life.

The Problem:

Old Interrail design
Old Interrail design
Old Interrail design

The website design had not been updated for over 4 years, which in modern days, made it feel untrustworthy.

Having the National Rail brand logo across the website was not enough to deter users away from thinking the site was a phishing site. That coupled with Interrail being a seasonal product, only added fuel to the idea that someone whipped up a website to steal user details.

The site had a very high bounce rate with more than 40% of users who landed on the website going elsewhere after a few moments and a high exit rate of over 25%. A clear indication of lack of trust.

Old Interrail bounce rate

Alongside this, My Interrail faces tough competition from other sellers of the Interrail product, eating away at its profits. Despite being the largest retailer of the product in the UK, competitors responsive and modern websites instilled trust in users wanting to purchase from them.

The site also faced a huge information architecture problem with users not finding the right information and a heap of pages that no longer had any use.

I was strapped for time on this project and how much we could spend to redesign the site, so it could only be a re-skinning of the existing site. No new features and slight improvements to the purchasing flow of the website.

Old Interrail bounce rate

My Solution:

The first step was to review the information architecture (IA) and strip away what was not needed and remove confusion. Most of the pages that cluttered the IA were what we classified as "blog" pages and created a blog section to house those content.

We went from having lengthy sidebars and dropdown menus to one menu bar with all the content easily accessible from there or a search bar component.

For the design, my solution was inspired by one of the leading retailers in the world, Apple. They sold high priced products with huge value and sold it well through their website. I took inspiration from that for My Interrail.

New Interrail information architecture

The Interrail passes are high priced products that have huge value with customers wanting to travel around Europe using a train. All of that was lost in the old design. I wanted to focus on the product a bit more in the redesign and give it centre stage with immersive sliders and a grid component layouts littered with icons for familiarity.

The redesign helped dramatically reduce bounce rate by more than 55%, exit rate dropped by 35% and page views increased by more than 90%. Average time also dropped by 48% which could mean that users were finding what they wanted much quicker in the redesign, as compared to the old, where they had spent much more time looking for the right information.