Working as a App & Web Developer at:

Talent in, Talent out (TiTo) App

Sept '15 — Jul '19

A passion project focused on improving the employment experience for students & recent graduates.

# Brand Design

A lot of students finish their studies and are faced with the same problem, how do you get a job with no experience?

A catch 22 that lead me and a childhood friend to co-found TiTo. Originally starting as a freelance app for students to gain experience while studying, earning us over £3k worth of sales in our first 3 months, it grew into a platform to improve the employment experience for both students and recent grads.

We've connected with over 5,000 young people to understand how to make job searching better for them. Spoken at various universities and put on workshops to improve their employment chances.

It's a project that has challenged me as an individual and developed me into a multidisciplinary in a few short years. TiTo is where I have picked up UX Design & Full-Stack Development and those skills are shown everywhere in this role.

Built & designed a mobile app using Angular, Typescript & Ionic Framework:

Built & a designed web application using Laravel PHP:


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