Take-Home UK Pay Calculator

A Take-Home UK Pay Calculator for PAYE & Contractors

9th April 2023

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THUKP Feature


B-rolls for your next viral TikTok, Instagram Reel or YouTube Short

19th March 2023

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A simple screen preview app

6th March 2023

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12th January 2023

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 NoComNotion Cover

IBS Symptoms Tracker

10th October 2022

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WAGMI (Web 3) Icons

My submission for the WAGMI competition

16th January 2022

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Film and TV Buffs Discussion Community

13th August 2021

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Birthdays App

Schedule personal birthday message and reminders to send to your favourite people

9th May 2021

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How long will it take you to earn 1 million pounds

7th January 2021

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Mac on Crack

10th May 2020

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Railcard portfolio website rdesign

Initial redesign for the NRE Railcard portfolio website

31st December 2018

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Railcards cover

TiTo Talent in, Talent out

Hire the best junior talent for free

31st December 2016

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Some illustrations I do in my spare time

15th December 2016

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Syre Illustration

EsO Type (Typographic Portraits)

11th December 2016

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Netflix Redesign

I redesigned the Netflix mobile app to incorporate a more intuitive and one-handed designs

2nd December 2016

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Apple Music Redesign

The redesign was focused on utilising more space for media controls and an improved album view

2nd December 2016

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Apple Music Redesign cover